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Baby wearing and tummy time (Age: 3 Weeks, 5 Days)

on June 26, 2012

I’m typing this with our child strapped to my chest. Yep, I’m wearin’ a baby. She seems to like it. I mean, she’s asleep, after all, so she must, right?

A couple things I’ve learned about baby wearing in the less than 24 hours that I’ve done it:

  • Don’t wear the baby right after you fed them in an attempt to keep them upright. Pressure on the tummy = spit up all over you and baby (yup, seems like common sense right? this is what no sleep does to a woman)
  • Baby will only be happy in the wearing device if s/he is fed, changed and burped

I am tempted to make my own Moby. I found this helpful tutorial to do so. I asked my mom what Muslin fabric is (after all, according to Wikipedia the fabric originated in our home country of Bangladesh) and she suggested I make a wrap out of one of her old saris. What? Oh yeah, this is an art project I’m definitely going to try. Fancy baby wearing device, here I come! And we can expose the little one to part of her heritage. It will be her first sari! Ha ha.

For real though, I am in love with this Moby (thank you for the gift to my friend reading this ;)) but I feel like  it is so not appropriate for Arizona summers. The fabric is just too thick. Right now it’s appropriate because it’s cooler at 6 a.m. versus later in the day, baby is only wearing a diaper and I’m not wearing a shirt (just the Moby), but at peak times it just gets really, really hot (plus the fabric I registered for is black). All the more reason why I want to make my own… I need options!  If I do end up pulling this off,, I’ll post pics :)

Tummy Time.

We started doing tummy time a couple of days ago – on Sunday June 24th to be exact. Poor thing, but she needs to do it. We do it for 5 minutes for now and we’ll build up to a longer time as she gets older. She’s actually been very good it at — she’s lifted her head up a couple times but by about 3 1/2 minutes she starts to lose it.

J also put together the Pack N Play today. I wanted to see how big the bassinet was since our crib won’t fit in our room and our baby is getting so tall (she is about to outgrow that co-sleeper/infant bed/snuggle nest/whatever you call it any day now). I wish we could get a longer version of the infant bed…she loves it and so do we.

OK well, at this opportune moment while our little angel is sleeping and wrapped to me, I’m going to go get something to eat.

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